Have you noticed…?

Have you noticed how exhausted you feel around stressed people and how those that struggle with accepting change make you feel?

This year,I have become a lot more aware of this . Due to work circumstances ,my colleagues and I have undergone a tremendous ammount of change . This change has brought out to play Miss Anxiety ,Mr Egoist ,Mr Must I do everything around here ,Miss They Got it in for me , Mrs Paranoia, Mr Push and Shove and Mrs Oops I DID Again .

With so many emotions ,wills ,fears and conspiracy theories released in my work atmosphere, this year has left me feeling drained ,in need of some serious R&R and with an intense longing for isolation .

My inability to protect myself from absorbing all that is around me, potentialy might have something to do with my older state of being (such things were so much easier to handle in my 20s rather in my 40s , where they really ?)…and with finally admitting to myself that actually, I too struggle with change … ✳✳✳ #mind

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