This year I have found myself frequently sitting in the dark …somehow I have developed an aversion to the artificial lights …

Well , I don’t mind soft dimmed lights …Makes moving around the house, so much fun…

The only areas with full lighting on are the bathroom and the kitchen …

But in the living room , I prefer the darkness allowing only for the distant lights from other rooms and TV’s light, to sip through …

There in the dark and in silence, that’s where my soul finds solace and my mind rests…

There in the dark , I am more appreciative of the flicker of a candle, of the soft rays of a lamp-post penetrating through the big window….There in the dark, my anxious mind seems to be able to slow down…


#naturalstatesofbeing #gramaticallyincorrect




One thought on “I sit in darkness …

  1. “We” create obsticles for “ourselves”, we convince ourselves it’s more “fun” in search of “happiness”, The “fun” is nothing more than a “negative choice”. True “happiness” comes from “Within” to know our Worth. To let Go negative thoughts which no longer serve You. Living in LOVE is Living in the LIGHT, You are a beautiful SOUL, GOD Bless Your Journey

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