… And remaining that… The last few days I have been thinking about how we call ourselves human and how far are we from what that actually means…

I have been contemplating why are we mean and hostile to one another? Why do we experience emotions like envy and why do we go out of our way to bad mouth someone or to gossip about someone? Why the venom? Where’s our humanity? Why do we seek to gain power over others, no matter the means? How such behaviours qualify as “being human”?

Have we allowed the argument that we too are an animal, to influence our behaviour to one another? After years of evolution you’d think our intellect, environment, developments( that have provided us with comfort, safety and luxury) and experiences would have the ability to influence and change our instinct of survival of the fittest,would have satiated our thirst for power and domination.

Where is the love? We have evolved physically but emotionally, on a soul level there’s still a lot of work to be done.




What means to be human after all?

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