This is more like a note to self as opposed to being a deep and meaningful piece of writing…

So today, I did what I most despise in people… I asked an inappropriate question….

As soon as I said it , I knew I shouldn’t have done… I felt my size 8 feet being devoured by my mouth…

The person was polite and measured in their response, but it was a very truthful and honest response that made me realize how out of order I was for asking my friend and work colleague , so openly and so jokingly about something that clearly was none of my business and should not be the subject of an office conversation…

So, before you ask anything out of anyone, please- please think of your question…even the simple ones can cause someone pain or stir up buried emotions…

Not everything in life follows a set pattern.

Not everyone’s life comes out of a universal mold that says: birth- school-university-work-find a mate-marry-have kids- die (however birth and death are the only two certainties of life).

Not everyone has the same script about life…and sometimes life itself forces us to re-write that script…

With all that said, I would like to apologize to my workmate for being so inappropriately rude…!!! So, here it is… “Sorry dear friend”.

2 thoughts on “Do not ask inappropriate questions!!

  1. Still, as John Lennon said: Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. Your question was out of curiosity and you had the sense to see it was inappropriate, if only after the fact. Be more worried if you were insensitive to this, or ask it in a malicious way. Doesn’t sound like you, even from our very limited interaction.


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