Lately, actually for quite a few “latelies”….I feel like there’s a little monster residing in me…There are moments where I cringe at the mean thoughts and words that sound in my head…

As I am writing these lines I smile, I want to laugh as it is quite funny to observe my little inner Lady Gremlin coming out to play… She is mean but funny with it…

Luckily for me and the people around me, my higher self , my “Better Me” part, has the reigns of my mouth and nothing of all that Mrs. Gremlin has to say passes through my lips…funny or not…her opinions just echo around in my head…bouncing around…and at times are so caustic and her sense of humor so dry, that having had a voice could be “lethal” to my nearby humans…

Like now for example, there’s someone near me that is talking out loud with the intention to get some attention…so what Mrs. Gremlin is doing …is mentally shouting silently to the person…”oh do shut up, no one really wants to hear it…whatever it is you want to say…”…cruel I know…why do I have to be such a misanthropist, I say to myself.

As My inner misanthropist finishes her thought , I catch myself kind off telling her off for being mean to people.

You’ll tell me where’s the problem…you’ll tell me all this is in your head…and you will be right…I Just wanted to share how beautifully my Meany me and my Better Me interact …each laughing at each other…each telling each other off…and all that happening in good humor…with me just a mere observer of their crazy shenanigans….

Have a splendid Friday world…






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