I really don’t like the saying “it’s better to have loved and lost rather not to have loved at all”… It raises such colourful and at times intense reactions within me… I guess you can say, that I struggle to accept the loss and move on… Though, I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely a maladjustment to loss… what comes through nowadays is the realisation that despite the attempts to move on, despite the acceptance that what once was, cannot be again…. There’s still a lot of emotion attached to the realisation that nothing else has come close…

However, there’s a little thought forming at the back of my mind, a

thought that suddenly helps me understand why I am experiencing such intense reaction to such a statement…

Have I not been sabotaging my potential of finding love again?… Have I not been picking those relationships that will hurt and disappoint me, so that, at the end I can say yet again “nothing compares to you”? (feel free to break into song here)…

So, there you go…

Note to self “it’s better to have loved and been loved back and lost , rather than not to have been loved at all..”… Your lost love will guide you through the sea of infatuation and will be able to help you – my little self – say :”I know I can be loved better, so long half hearted measure”..




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