Love your life..

Give it a Try.. Love and appreciate All the steps, all life’s turns, even the wrong ones.

Someone famous once said: “The important thing about life is not the triumph but the struggle..The essential thing, is not to have conquered but to have fought well..” #Pierre_de_Coubertin

Embrace you and love you, warts and all… ☃️

… A year is coming to an end..

… and a new one begins… We all know what’s been … The new that is coming is yet to be written… It holds the spark of anticipation for the different, for that something that will sooth all past hurts and amplify the good moments..!!

So, here it is, this year focus on that spark ✨ that holds the promise of newness, life and the opportunity to try once again.. Make this year what suits you 🙏, shape it as you wish.. Take the smooth and the rough.. Just live.. Live 2019 as you wish.. ☃️

In life…

… there had been many times that I heard that very phrase of “she can do so much more if she tried harder”…”If only she applied herself , she has amazing potential”…and that’s how I “rolled” at school….

Many years have passed since those school years, and this morning I turned the page on my desktop calendar and it told me to:”aim higher” , “believe you can do it and you will…there’s so much potential in you , if  only you believed”…

It is early in the morning and I mumble …. “easy for you to say..”…and as I wake up more and more to the new day, I begin to remember all those school teachers that said similar things to me in my distant past… I remember clearly that then, same as now, I stood confused asking out loud (mainly in my head), what it all meant… Haven’t I been putting enough effort into everything? and if more is required , what is that more? how does it look like?

So, this morning I am having similar inner discussions…aim higher…says the calendar on my desk … OK, I say back to it…I will but where too? I am still struggling to identify, that limiting belief that apparently keeps me aiming low…or that keeps me confused with regards the direction of my aim…34,35,305,317.891296

And here we have it…here’s my light bulb moment…all these year’s I haven’t been trying hard enough purely because I haven’t found my niche in life, my purpose… But as I make that thought , half of me retaliates and starts to argue.

Haven’t I worked hard enough? I ask. Haven’t I strived to get higher and haven’t I  fought harder and harder each time an obstacle or block was put my way? How can you now tell me that I haven’t tried hard enough ? or that I haven’t aimed high enough? When I have tried my best to overcome? and here it is, have I solely been trying to overcome obstacles rather than paying attention to where “my arrow has been pointing”? Have I lost my purpose in my effort to fight and overcome obstacles?

Is this little message on my calendar,  just asking me to release the wounds collected along the way?…those scars that made me build a wall around me that serves the purpose of keeping me safe, but on the other hand it also barricades me in…? Rather than telling me that I was aimless or with no purpose…

Release it shouts at me, release all that which is not helping you in order for you to position and aim that arrow higher…Release it tells me, release those limiting beliefs that you have “collected” along  the way whilst fighting your battles for survival; release all that has made you believe that “this is as far as you can go”…

With all this in mind, I will keep pondering on that little statement on my calendar , “aim higher” … and see where that takes me!







I bought a little notebook…

… so little that would give Columbo a run for his money – (in a manner of speaking)!

Yes, you heard that right, in a digital age, Sofia has gone retro. Possibly she was that from the start.. 😂..

This notebook was to help me keep track of all those & forever changing passwords for my various accounts and stuff…

All jolly good fun, and very helpful it seemed on thought.. in practice though it’s become apparent to me that every time I needed this little notebook was safely tucked away from me…

So, moral of the story… ‘little notebooks as memory aids’ are not the answer.




Feel the fear and ….

….don’t do it … ,no do it screams the other half of me …

All this ,has been brought on by my imminent holiday . Half of me is already there , whilst the other half of me  is debating why I shouldn’t  go.

That half that is refusing to go ,  is that side of me that feels currently battered & bruised by various events the last few years . It is that part of me that feels safe in the familiar ,even if that means the four walls of my house.

How I wish its voice was quiter ,but currently it is on red hot panic mode .

Despite all that inner noise ,that part of me that craves to experience and see new things ,calmly tries to take over and quieten my little stressed,anxious part.

I want to move myself from the place of feel the fear and don’t do it ,to feel the fear and do it.

Fingers crossed I do it ,one week remaining .

(All this convincing for sure would have been much easier in the summer or if the destination was dry,warm and sunny…!Winter makes the challenge just a bit harder ).